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Personal Development Programs

Fast Track Personal Development

Our Fast Track program addresses all of your derogatory accounts caused by incomplete; inaccurate; out of date information and corrects; delete or removes these accounts from your (3) bureau credit files.

Option 1 

(30) Business Day Fast Track payment is made in full

Option 2

(60) Business Days requires a 50%  deposit with a (2) payment instalment plan

Option 3

(90) Business Days requires a 50% deposit with a (3) payment instalment plan 

Sessions or 12 Month Plan

Our by the Session Program allows you to break down the cost of your  development and complete it session by session, therefore, enabling you to decide when you schedule your next sessions and allows you the ability to plan your budget. ​Sessions are viewed as paid in full at the start of each session and the scheduled time frame for completion of each session is a min of 15-45 days. Our 12 month plan allows for budgeting and enables you to divide your payment into 12 monthly payments after a very small deposit.

Single Derogatory
The most favored program addresses those Single stubborn accounts that just will not budge. You may have only a minor blemish this may include a unknown account; fraudulently opened account; an account that's reporting inaccurate and fraudulent information; fraudulent student loans opened by non accredited facilitators and identity thieves; student loans opened  by closed educational institutions; auto repossessions; medical accounts; judgement & liens and other Installments and unknown utility accounts. The duration for these types of issues to be addressed is a min of 15-45 days.

The Mini Sweep and Thin Credit Line Builder

Addresses NEW reporting issues such as credit reports that you cannot access; reports without a credit score and reports that show no open accounts. It also addresses young credit with thin trade lines meaning newly opened accounts not yet seasoned and not forgetting credit that has one or two issues due to the neglect of newly established and premature credit, and credit that got off with a bad start.

These programs address the minor issues holding your back. With consultation, you will be able to kick start your development so that you have a fighting chance of reaching your intended goals.

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After Development Comes Building 

Score Builder Program
Once your program is complete you will have either no open trade lines or "thin" open trade lines so you will either be ecstatic about your newly reporting credit scores or you're going to say "what...." this will be because for you the job is not yet over. Remember, you cannot reach your desired credit score with-out open accounts reporting paid as agreed as well as other factors to generate your credit scores.

Each account reported in your credit file is evaluated based on:

  • length of credit history

  • payment history

  • age of your opened accounts

  • new credit

  • type of credit used 

The scoring formula used includes all of these factors and the information is used by the CRAs to derive at your monthly credit score.

The Score Builder Program will develop an individual plan that will be implemented into the development of your credit score. It will educate you on financial literacy and teach you how to leverage your credit using tools and workshops designed to assist you on your next journey. Time frame is approximately 30 to 90 days

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More Programs

Business Development Program
Our Business Development and Score Builder program can establish your business legal entity; build its history using open trader references. Assist with preparation of the requirements needed for business banking, accounting and taxation responsibilities.

Our business development team will assist you with the completion of your business DUNS registration; assist you with your SAM registration; placing government bids and  apply for federal and state grants and funding opportunities; assist you through the non profit status application process  as well as  facilitate all legal, licensing city and state requirements pertaining to your business's industry.

The Business Development objective of the program prepares you and your business for doing business while the Score Builder objective is to build your business score to enable your business to qualify for business lines of credit; SBA loans; equipment leases; investment loans under your EIN and not your social security to qualify. 

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Authorized User Trade Lines 

AUL or Authorized User Trade Lines, when used correctly, can help to  strengthen your credit and in all cases raise the credit score.

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Do you need to address lingering credit issues but just don't know where to start? start with a consultation with one of our overly qualified Credit Executives. If you already have your 3 bureau report downloaded please forward it using the upload link below and BOOK NOW $35.00 per 30 min Consultation or send us your contact details for more information.

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Self Help Tool Kit

Do It Yourself Micro Courses

We all do things differently, some prefer the assistance of a specialist service provider and some prefer the challenge and self accomplishment of doing it themselves. Therefore, for our clients who want to do it themselves we now offer the tools for you to do so.


We have available to you a wide selection of micro courses that are designed to help you address issues of inaccurate information currently destroying your credit along side courses designed to educate and arm you with the tools to unlock your prosperity.

Pricing starts at $39.99 


Micro Courses
* Understanding how to Read your Credit Reports

* How to use the law to permanently correct or remove       inaccurate information in your credit profile

* How to remove inaccuracies and out of date                     information in 7-15 days

* How to increase your credit score by 200 points in 30       days

* How to qualify for $35,000 line of credit in 60-90 days

* How to remove your inquiries in 7-15 days

* How to remove a Court lien or judgement 

* How to remove ID Theft issues in 2-7 days

* How to remove inaccurate medical accounts
* How to stop student loans from reporting negatively 

* How to remove inaccurate accounts verified by the          CRA's as validated

* How to file a legal claim against a creditor or CRA who     is knowingly or unknowingly reporting against you and     or is reporting out of  compliance with FCRA

* How to access your banking credit report and dispute       inaccurate account information blocking you from             getting a bank account 

* How to place a security freeze on your CRA and your       Nexus Lexus files

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    How can you address issues with your credit if you don't know what it is you are looking at! Its like Your Tax Return you don't want to be leaving Money On The Table.




Overseas Personal  Development
International Personal Development

Great news 2020 sees the opening of our UK division now our customers in the UK can take advantage of our personal and business development expertise.


If your Experian, Equifax and TransUnion/Callcredit scores have been affected by inaccurately reported information; outdated and unverifiable entries and/or fraudulently opened accounts due to Identity Theft .


Maybe you noticing that your scores are slightly different across the board and you don't understand why? this is because not all lenders report to each of the CRA. Some lenders only report to one or two of the  CRAs, whereas others will report to all three. This is the same for the UK CRAs


Even though the UK CRAs have different maximum scores as the Experian’s score is out of 999, Callcredit is only 710 and Equifax 700 this has no bearing whether you reside in the US or UK. Estranged Credit? just deal with it and live a better you.

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